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Pinnacle PVCu Systems in Kent.
Replacement UPVC Fascia Boards, Soffits, Guttering, cladding in Kent.

uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias, Cladding, Barge Boards.

Building Regulations: All new installations of Soffits and Fascia Boards will include a ventilation system. This will reduce condensation and damp building up in the attic and roof area which would otherwise cause extensive decay.


Joists Rot or Damage: After the tiles/slates, soffits and fascias are removed, we will inspect the Joists to ensure they are in good order. Any potential problems can be resolved with your permission, quickly, efficiently and will be extremely cost effective at this point in the replacement process.


Modern Materials: We use high quality PVCU-u materials and accessories which are professionally installed and fitted by our craftsmen to provide an effective barrier against damp, rot and condensation from constant weathering.


Colour Options: PVC-u profiles now come in a variety of colours to match the look and feel of your property perfectly. These include the ultra clean white that can complement any property, a stunning black providing either a traditional or ultra modern finish. There are also a variety of wood finishes including Mahogany, Rosewood or Light Oak which can maintain the character of the existing wood or wood replacement in your property.


Access: We can remove and replace Soffits, Fascias and Guttering and do not require internal access to your property leaving you to continue with your normal daily activities, whether at home or work without any disruption.

UPVC Fascias, Soffits, Bargeboards, Cladding in Kent.

Before the uPVC replacement.

uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias, Cladding, Barge Boards.

uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias Installation Guide.

Our ten step installation process will ensure that every job we undertake will receive the same high standard of craftsmanship every time.


Step1: Installation of Portable Scaffolding System.


Step2: Remove 1st row Tiles and trim back damaged or rotting Felt.


Step3: Remove Fascia Boards and Soffits.


Step4: Check joists for rot or damage and repair if required.


Step5: Align new Soffit hangers and install new Soffits.


Step6: Install new Fascias, Barge Boards, Box Ends.


Step7: Install new Ventilation system above Fascia Boards.

Step8: Install new Guttering, Down Pipes, Eaves Guard Trays.


Step9: Replace damaged or rotten Felt and replace 1st row of Tiles.


Step10: Clean and Seal the finished installation.

uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias Installation Guide.


Installation Guide Images


UPVC Fascias, Soffits, Bargeboards, Cladding in Kent.

After the uPVC replacement.

UPVC Fascias, Soffits, Bargeboards, Cladding in Kent.

Old roof felt was cut back, eve protection and over board ventilation installed - white 18mm fascia boards,black guttering.

uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias Installation Step1.     uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias Installation Step2.     uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias Installation Step3.     uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias Installation Step4.
uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias Installation Step5b.     uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias Installation Step6.     uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias Installation Step7.     uPVC/PVC-u Soffits, Fascias Installation Step8.